Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A True Best Friend

Now everyone has in their heads what a real best friend is. And we all change best friends from time to time, drop one, pick another up. But over the years I have learned a few things. Here is my definition of a true best friend.

A true best friend, contrary to what people believe, is not someone who knows everything about you. Let’s be honest I don’t want to know everything about you nor is it necessary.

A true best friend is not someone who you do everything with, or someone you call to do crazy things with you.

A true best friend isn’t someone you tell secrets to or tell everything to because honestly, something’s you just don’t tell.

A true best friend is not the person you have known the longest, which in my case would be my friend Christina A., I’ve known her since we were losing teeth together.

A true best friend isn’t even someone who stays up late or wakes up early to talk to you on Skype everyday, although she does, because you are 11 hours ahead in time.

A true best friend never has to prove that they are a friend, you just know. And if you are questioning if they are your true best friend, chances are they are not.

A real best friend isn’t someone you can call and talk their heads off about your problems all time of the night or day.

Now you see what a real best friend is not, and I can go on and on about it, but you get the point. The point is anyone from your neighbor to a cousin could be and do any of these things. Now on to what a true best friend is.

A true best friend is that person who at one point gives up themselves, put you first, drops everything for you at the very moment you needed them the most.

Now how many people can say that the person they call their best friend has ever unselfishly been there for you and genuinely sacrificed their needs for you?

I have been blessed to say that I have.

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