Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Am I Blogging??

A few weeks ago I came to a crossroads. We had just moved here to Japan and into the new house and I was having a very hard time adjusting. I missed my friends, family and just being in the states. Anyway, it one particular day, I was tired, the girls were all over the place and I just was not handling the day well at all. I broke down ran into the bathroom locked the door and cried, and I mean boo hoo cried. I wanted to call my mom because she is usually the first person that I call when I need to talk. But I had no way to call her or even my best friend, who probably would have freaked out if I called her crying like that anyway. So I’m sitting here bawling my eyes out and in my mind I’m telling myself get it together, get together. Then I heard my mom’s voice tell me calm down J. This is always the first thing she tells me. So in my mind I’m thinking of everything she tells me and it hits me, talk to God. She is always telling me the things God wants me to hear anyway, talk to him and let him tell you. So I did. I sat in that bathroom and talked to God until I got myself together.

From that day I must say things have been a little different in this house. My mom tells me all the time pray, read your bible, talk to God, and I always say I don’t have time to mom. She comes back with, how you don’t have time for the person who made you and wakes you up everyday and her whole speech. So now I listen to her. Momma says pray, I pray. Momma says to read the bible and talk to God, I do just that. And my mother isn’t telling me anything that I don’t already know. I grew up in the church and I know that when you stop doing what you want to do, and do what God wants you to, everything always works out for the best.

I am starting this Blog for my own personal reasons. This is strictly me putting my thoughts into words, not necessarily for anyone’s enjoyment or pleasure. In fact I have no intentions of anyone even reading this stuff. But I have always liked to write and lately a lot of things have been coming to me in my thoughts and I want to keep up with them. I recently decided to go natural with my hair. No more relaxers and chemicals, and I also want to keep up with that journey. There is a lot going on in my life right now and I feel the need to write it all down!!

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