Friday, August 27, 2010

Anita Grant Review

I finally received my Anita Grant products and let me just say it was well worth the wait! There were a few things that attracted me to Anita Grant products. First was the fact that it is all natural. Then there was the fact that a lot of people had not used her products or tried the variety of her products because she is based in Europe. I try to use the things that others shy away from because I just don't think that commercial brands are for everyone. I would rather use the product that was whipped up by hand. The next thing that made me purchase these products was what I hoped was faster shipping. Come to find out it took longer, but like I said, well worth the wait. After the Henna treatment that I did yesterday I followed with styling my hair with Anita Grant products. I did a protective style/updo. This is what I used.

I conditioned my hair with the Creamy Cafe Latte, Vanilla cent. I only had to use maybe a quarter size amount and it covered and conditioned my whole head leaving it soft and smelling very good.

I then used the Organic Sapote and Coconut Pomade on my edges to brush them and lay them flat.Then I proceeded with my flat twist. I am a big fan of pomade and used it even when my hair was relaxed. I love pomade in the place of gel. This pomade worked very well in holding not only my edges but giving my twist some shine too.

I was so tired and I ended up only twisting my hair up in the back and back on the sides. I left the two strand twist for in the morning. When I started back on my hair I used the Aloe Rose Oil Free Hair Spritz to dampen my hair and "wake-up" my hair. It smells good and it gave just the right amount of moisture to allow me to two strand twist my hair without making it wet.

For my two strand twist I used the Unscented Whipped Butter. This was a little thicker than the Creamy Cafe Latte and perfect for twist. I mean I can't really say how good it was, the twist just looked great, point blank.

After a few hours when my twist were dried I took them out. My hair was still soft and moisturized and the twist out looked amazing. I have never done a twist out that looked like this. I was so proud of myself!!

These are the pics before I did the twist out. The back of my hair was not perfect, but you can only imagine how hard it is to see and do perfect twist on the back of your own head.

This is the Twist Out

Final Review
I must say that I am loving these products. At this very moment I have no complaints about the products that I used. I would purchase all four of them again. I love the greasy feeling without the weigh down and these products provide just that. They are very rich in moisture but they are not heavy at all. From the picture you can see that the sizes are not very big, they are 3.5 oz but a little bit takes you a long way from what I can tell. Price wise it was on the expensive side mostly because of the difference in currency. In total I purchased 8 items for around 80 USD. But I paid almost that for the Curly products and yeah that didn't go well at all, so I am very satisfied with my purchase :-]

The four additional products that I purchased were, The Unrefined Shea Butter, Rhassoul Deep Conditioner, and Babassu Amla Shampoo Bar and something for my husband. Look for a review on those products soon!


  1. Great review ...thanks for sharing your oh so cute hair! (really cute) and your new found loves from anita grant I've heard great things about her products...Enjoy!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I looked at her site and then bookmarked it. I wanted to wait for a review from someone with hair similar to mine. You did a great job with your twists! I will place an order very soon.