Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hair Day

Today was hair day in my house. With three daughters I find myself doing hair all weekend if I wait until then to do it. I decided to start early this week. Today I washed my middle daughters hair. From there I did a natural style that I hope will last. I put flat two strand twist in the front of her hair and regular two strand twist in the back. She did have some shrinkage, but all in all the style fit her very well. Out my daughters and I hair she has the softest and looser curl type. This style may not last more than a few days, but if I am lucky it will last at least a week. I am also thinking that about halfway through the week I will take the twist in back out and let her wear a twist out. Tomorrow I will do my oldest daughters hair. Since she is the one who will be transitioning I will more than likely use rollers in her hair to give her style without heat. I will be posting pics of my oldest style, and an update on my twist out as well as my middle daughters twist out.

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