Friday, August 27, 2010

Henna Review

I read so much about Henna from other blogs that I decided to try it myself. The main reason was for color and of course the conditioning benefit of it. Being that I am pregnant I wanted to use something that was safe. I bought the Henna a few weeks ago from Henna Hut and it was sitting in my drawer for weeks. I was in no rush to try it, but yesterday I was like, let's give a go.

How I mixed
I got tips from Curly Nikki and her Henna tutorial. I used 100mg of Henna. I used 3 green tea bags, some olive oil and BB Growth Serum in my mixture. I can't say for sure how much of the green tea I actually put into the mixture but I wanted the texture to be smooth. I did not use honey or anything else. The mixture was very smooth and yogurt like, which is what it said in the Henna directions. I did not let it sit over night.

The first thing I did was wash and condition my hair and towel dried it so it was damp, not dripping wet. I then applied the Henna and covered with a plastic cap. I applied the Henna like I was putting a relaxer in, only I scrunched the Henna in rather than smooth it in, if that makes sense. I gathered my hair at the top before putting on the cap. I actually let it stay on much longer than I planned, so about 6 hours instead of 4. When I rinsed it out I followed with Organix conditioner and that was it.

This is the Henna on my hair before I put a cap on it.

This is how it looked afterward after washing it out and before I put the conditioner in. My hair looked nice, the curls looked nice and I really like how it came out.

The overall experience was great. It left my hair feeling good. It was not messy and I had no gritty gunky mess in my hair and most of all it was easy to wash out. This was my first time using Henna and it will not be my last!

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