Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Want My Hair Like Yours Mommy

My oldest daughter is 6. And she is such a little diva when it comes to her hair. Recently she told me that she wanted to wear her hair like her younger sister and I. Well her younger sister is a 3c/4a if that is possible, I am a 4b and my oldest is a 4c. When she was younger I kept her hair in natural styles, braided up with beads. The longer her hair got the kinkier it became and I decided to put a texturizer in it. Although it made her hair much more manageable, I really had second thoughts after doing it. She enjoyed it being more straight and liked that I could put rollers in it and that she could wear it down. But recently she told me that she did not want to put anymore of the "white stuff" as she calls in it her hair. And I have to agree. I was going back and forth with this decision awhile ago and my husband and I decided that since we would be in Japan it would be a good time to transition her. It is very humid here and braids and other protective styles without heat would be great to transition her. When she made the comment that she wanted to wear her like me, I knew that now was the perfect time. I am actually excited to see her natural growth and she is excited about the process too.

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