Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love Hate With My Hair

At the current moment, my hair and I are not getting along at all. There are so many things that are affecting this relationship. For one I still haven't found the "right" products for my hair. And secondly is the pregnancy. When I am pregnant, my hair and I battle as if it were its own person. My most famous thing to do with my hair when I am pregnant is either keep it braided or chop it off. When I was pregnant with my youngest I cut my hair so short my husband was worried I would be wearing a high and tight like him.

This time around I am determined to wear it natural and not chop it off no matter how bad I want to. I think the other problem is that I get a lot of ideas on hairstyles from other people. Whether it is you tube or another blog, I like to see different styles. I try them and I have more fails than greats. So I have decided to simply get creative with my hair with my own ideas. I am learning everyday what works for one does not work for all!


  1. Yes...I totally agree with you what may work for some may not work for all. Once, we really realize that and except that the journey may become a lot easier...I say have with your hair!!!

    Enjoy the feel of it.... the beauty of it...the courseness of it...the not so happy days with it...the VERY happy days with it. Don't look at it as a chore( not saying that you did)....Simply, enjoy it!!!

    If, there is any thing I can help you with ..feel free to contact me...hang in there.

    Take care.

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