Monday, August 23, 2010

My Hair Story

Here is my hair story. I had someone email me these questions asking me my hair story and I decided to share my answers with you!

Name: Jocelin Thomas

Location: Okinawa, Japan


Profession: Homemaker/Full Time Student

When, why how did you go natural? I started transitioning August of 09 while I was pregnant with my third daughter. The pregnancy bought on eczema and I had to stop using a lot of things that I was used to, including relaxers. So I decided to go natural. I was already wearing my hair short and relaxed and from there I wore braids and wigs and other protective styles as I cut off my relaxed hair. I did this for about 10 months when I just recently took braids out to wear my hair natural. Before I took my braids out I was debating to put more braids in or just go and get it done, meaning a relaxer. In the end my roots took over and I went with taking the braids out and wearing my own hair.

What was the hardest part of your journey? To me the hardest part was deciding not to go back to what I was used to, a relaxer. It is very tempting to go backwards. I was natural once before during my second pregnancy and stayed that way for two years. But I didn’t have the support, the hair how to’s or even the right products. Out of frustration I did what I knew best, put a relaxer in and chopped it off.

And the best part? The best part was taking my braids out and realizing how beautiful MY hair was and how much it has grown. I have more confidence and feel so comfortable in my own hair.

What did your hair journey teach you? My hair journey has taught me that I am a strong woman and that I can do whatever it is I want to do. My decision to wear my hair natural was not just for a fashion statement. It was because I wanted to make a statement to myself. To prove to me that I am beautiful, determined and that I can achieve anything. I wanted to get rid of a lot of negative things in my life and I felt that my hair was one of the things holding me back, if that makes sense. The journey isn’t over and I am still learning.

Describe your worse hairdo and your best hairdo.
I wouldn’t say I have had a worst hairdo; I have had some that didn’t come out the way I expected. And for me the best hair do is when I do nothing special to my hair at all. I just spray it with moisturizer and water and go.

Looking back, has your perception of your hair or black hair in general
changed? Please elaborate. Yes it has. Like most girl I grew up thinking that straight hair was the best hair. I thought the kinkier your hair the worse your hair was. I grew up thinking that I didn’t have the good hair that people always talked about. Now I view natural hair as the best hair. I don’t think that natural hair is for everyone, but I do believe that the ones who embrace it are just as beautiful as the ones with straight hair. Black hair is something we have to teach our children about and make them see that it is ok to have black hair, that way they won’t fall victim to our previous beliefs.

What is your favorite hairstyle? My favorite styles are twist outs with a flower or a head band to make it stand out.

Can you please finish the following sentence: I love my hair because? God gave to me, it is mine and I intend to take the best care of it. My hair is apart of who I am and is an expression of me.

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  1. Great post! ...thanks so much for sharing your journey with us, take care.