Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Products and More

I am super excited about some of the new products that I have ordered. Because of where we are stationed a lot of places to not ship to FPO addresses. I was on Amazon and had everything product and thing I could possibly want. Only to find out when I checked out that half of it could not be shipped over here. But whatever, I still managed to get my hands on a few things. The first set of products I bought was from Anita Grant. Now I have never heard of her before and her name came up on a blog, so I decided to check it out. I bought a lot of stuff and it was on the pricey side but what I liked was that it was being shipped from Europe. I have my prayers out that her products get here quickly.

The second set of products I bought was from the Curls line. I not only bought products for myself, but also for my daughters. I was very happy that they shipped over here and even found a great coupon to use on my first order. I ordered Henna from Henna Hut to use on my hair. Since I am pregnant I want to experiment with some color and this is a safe way to do it. And last but certainly not least I ordered Curlformers from Sally’s Beauty Supply. This was the one order that I had to send to my best friend so she can ship it to me because they do not ship to FPO addresses. Curlformers are something I really can’t wait to try. I saw it on a YouTube video and it seemed interesting and it is something I can also try on my daughters’ hair.

Last night I did something different to my hair. I put in small two strand twist. Now the style didn't come out like I wanted it to and I know it was because it had no direction. As you can see I just started parting and twisting. But I do believe it is going to make a great twist out style. The goal is to keep them in until Friday or Saturday. This morning I rubbed a little olive oil through my hair to add some shine and moisture and that was it. So we will see how it looks when I take the twist out on Friday.

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