Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday=Hair Day

So yesterday I took the time to do my girls hair. I saw a style that I liked on another blog, So I took that style and gave it my own little twist and the following are the results. The girls both loved their hair and their dad also liked it, so we are all smiles.

First is JN, my oldest. I washed her hair with Organix shampoo and conditioner. At the PX I could not find a match for both, so I had to mix and match. I left the conditioner on for about an hour before I rinsed it out. Her hair was very soft. From there I put in the BB Growth Lotion and Growth Oil. Now I am not going to recommend or even endorse either of these products. They were the only thing I could find in the PX that had the most natural ingredients. Her hair loved this stuff and I loved the way it made it feel. Her hair was shiny, manageable and it just looked good. After I cornrowed her hair I used the curl formers to give her curls in her side ponytail.

For my middle daughter JR, I tried the Curly Q products again. I still like the Shampoo for her hair. The results were the same as before leaving her hair tangle fee and soft. I still do not like the custard at all. It is definitely not something I will work into her hair regimen unless I want to give her twist. It just leaves her hair dull looking with no shine or curl definition. The other thing that I should have done with her is stretch it with bands to give her puff more puff. But all in all it still came out nice.

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