Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anita Grant Final Review

I've been using a few of Anita Grant's products for a few weeks now and I must say that I am impressed. I started using the Shampoo Bar and I also used the deep conditioner. Below is my final review of the products.

Babassu Amla Shampoo Bar
First just let me say I have always been skeptical of this whole shampoo bar stuff. My mind is thinking how in the world can a bar of soap do the same as what's poured out of a bottle. But I bought it and decided to give it a try anyway. I have used this bar a total of 3 times and I like it. The second time I waited about 5 days before washing my hair because I wanted to see if it could get rid of the build up and it did. When I wash my hair with the bar I rub it in the back, middle, and front and then use my fingertips to spread and cleanse. It washed out easily leaving no left behind gunk or debris. Every time that I used the bar it left my hair feeling clean but not stringy or brittle. My hair was left soft. The usage of the bar claims 50 or more washes and I honestly can see the bar lasting that long. It is worth the money because it will last for months. Would I buy it again? Yes I would and even try other brands of shampoo bars, I'm hooked.

Rhassoul Deep Conditioner
This can be very messy. I have done this deep conditioner twice. I ordered the 3 cubes and I just used one and a half each time. I used hot water and melted a little Shea butter or cocoa butter along with the Rhassoul. It smelled wonderful, just like chocolate. I mixed it and spread it on my hair and covered with a plastic cap leaving it on about 45 minutes or maybe longer. The results were nice both times. My hair was soft and my curls were defined. It was very easy to wash out. Over all I liked it but I didn't find the results any different than any other deep conditioner. Would I buy it again? Probably not, although I liked it, it just wasn't that special for me to buy it on a regular basis and if I wanted to make it apart of my weekly or monthly regimen it could get expensive.

The other products, Creamy Cafe Latte, and Unscented Whipped Butter are my two favorite products and my opinion has not changed from my first review. I would buy both of these products again and I use both of them at least twice a week. They are my styling tools when it comes to twist and Bantu knots.

As for the Organic Sapote and Coconut Pomade and Aloe Rose Oil Free Hair Spritz , I was not that impressed with. They are both good products but I do not feel that they were exceptionally good or any different from other pomades or spritz that I have used. The Pomade does smooth edges really good but it does not last long at all. The Spritz comes in a tiny bottle and you only get maybe a 6 uses out of. Would I buy them again? Nope, I surely will not. The pomade just does not cut it for me and the for the money the Spritz just isn't worth it.

Last night I washed with the Shampoo Bar and did my last Deep Condition. I also used the Creamy Latte along with the Whipped Butter for Bantu Twist out. This was my results, I love it!


  1. the results look awesome! great review

  2. Great review. This makes me so impatient :-) I'm checking the mail all the time for my order.

    And what a pretty twistout. It looks feather light and moist!

    1. I know I am super late, but I'm jsut now reading this post. If you are in the US you can order some of Anita Grant's most popular products at Check it out!