Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BoBeam Natural Hair Products

I came across Etsy about a week or so ago and I can't believe I have never been to this site before. This site has contributed to my online shopping addiction but all in good ways. The thing I love most about this site is that everything and I mean everything is handmade. And after years of using store bought, commercial brand products, I am loving the handmade industry more and more.

One of the stores I found was BoBeam, which sells natural hair products. The owner of this store is Laquita. What attracted me to this store were the hair flowers. They are at a great price but not only that some of the proceeds go to the fight against cancer. You seriously can't beat that. There were also different hair products from shampoo bars, to hair tea bags and Shea butter concoctions. I ordered three of the hair flowers. As you can see from the pic these flower clips are very pretty. And I do not know what Laquita put on those flowers, but they smelled great.

The customer service was wonderful, by the time I actually received my shipment I felt like we were friends. She was very nice and I felt like I had purchased the most expensive thing in the world. As a bonus she included a sample of two of her shampoo bars. So now I am really happy with my purchase and not only that I will for sure be ordering from her again.

Anyway this was something I had to share and I hope that you all will stop by BoBeam and check out the products!


  1. I am familiar w/ this shop , in fact I have it posted on my blog under one of my blog rolls...sounds like she is a wonderful fellow fabulous natural to purchase from, and great customer service is always a the cause"breast cancer"

    Enjoy your items...keep us posted. Take care


  2. Okay - why am I so late in seeing this? Thanks for the wonderful review and compliments :o) I am going to put this on my blog under the Bobeam Products Tab!

  3. I actually already had this one up :o)