Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Off The Hair Topic

I came across this song on a fellow blogger, Long Natural Hair, (stop by and check her out). And although she was talking about something completely different, I couldn't help but apply it to my Husband. In a few weeks we will be coming up on our 6 year Wedding Anniversary and 9 years total that we have been together. It might not sound like a lot to some people, but to us it is everything. You see we married young, 19/20 to be exact, and he is a Marine and away a lot. With those factors, failure was screaming at us.
He isn't here now, he is in the Philippines and the kids and I miss him, but this song made me smile because it is sooo true.


  1. My goodness, I adore this song! I have it on my mp3 player and I still rock it like it came out yesterday lol

    The words are just so beautiful. If you really just sit and listen to them they'll make you want to fall in love <3

  2. I absolutely LOVE this song! India.Arie is beautiful :)


  3. this is one of my favorite songs ever. i can listen to it all day