Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I have officially hit the halfway mark of my pregnancy. Yay me!! This is my fourth pregnancy and I am determined to enjoy it because it will be my last. My husband and I have three girls and we are finally having a boy. So I can get my tubes tied with a smile on my face, lol. We are so excited and the girls are so happy to finally be getting a baby brother. Now the only thing we are having trouble with is naming the baby. It seemed easy with the girls. Jada, Jania, Jaslin and my husbands name is a J too. So of course we have to stick with the J name.

Being stationed in Japan in all this heat and humidity is not my idea of a great pregnancy but so far things have been good. Anyway I just wanted to share the good news with all of you.


  1. That's great ! happy to hear you , and the baby to come are doing well:) all of my children's name begin with E's...except my very last, my youngest.. my baby girl. We'll, I wish you the very best, try to stay cool,Take care.

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  2. congratulations on the Baby boy, you have a beautiful family.

  3. I am a fan of the J names (my mom's name is Jeaneva and my name is Janissia) Congrats on your pregnancy! New to the blog and I'm excited!