Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I Put On My Hair

One of my good friends saw this picture I recently posted on Facebook. She asked "what do you put on your hair?"
If someone had asked me that a few weeks ago I would have just said nothing special. But as I get more comfortable with my hair and more confident with it, I feel like my hair looks good.
On this day I just let my hair go and put a headband on to keep my hair out of my face. I feel like my hair is in the in between stage. Where my front and sides are long but not long enough to just wear out.
Here is a quick run through of what I put on my hair that day, in this order, and most days for quick styles like that.

1. Hair Tea Spitz sprayed all over to saturate my hair.
This is just hair tea that I purchased from BoBeam. It is Rosemary and Calendula. I added Nettle leaves and Marshmallow root to the bag and steeped it. Once it cooled I added Jojoba oil and extra virgin olive oil and put it in a spray bottle.

2. I then spray on a little bit of Alikay Naturals Lemon Grass Leave In. I have realized that I actually don't need this products anymore now that I have been using the Hair Tea Spritz.

3. Next is the stuff that makes all the difference. Avocado Shea Butter from SafiHairCare. My hair loves this stuff. But unfortunately I am out of it, and she is out of stock of the product, so I mixed up my own batch. I will be posting about that later. Anyway, I put this on in glops, the back, the middle and some on both side and smooth to my ends.

4. Then comes Smooth N' Shine Curl Activator Gel with Aloe Vera. I like this stuff and I bought it after seeing I didn't like the ECO Styler Gel. I just put a small amount and scrunch it into my hair.

5. Denman, is the last and final step. I try not use the Denman everyday, so instead I might just comb through with the big wide tooth comb.

That is pretty much it. Easy enough for me and very quick.

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  1. Great tips, and please let us know how the avocado shea turns out! Thanks so much for stopping by and following ;)!!