Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bentonite Clay Mask

Monday night, the 11th I finally tried Bentonite Clay. I did a mask on my face and also my hair. And the initial results were great. However I don't think I like the final results on my hair. I followed instructions given by Black Onyz and mixed EVOO with the clay for my hair and honey and ACV with the clay for my face.

My hair was very soft and it did stretch it out a lot, but it took forever for it it get back to it regular curl. After about a week and two washes my hair finally got back to what I think is it's normal look. I don't feel like it gave my hair any more pop than any other type of conditioning.
On my face I liked the mask the best, my face felt very clean and I could tell a difference. I will definitely be using the clay again on my face, but not my hair.


  1. i use this clay not to change any texture but more to clean the hair. but dont give on it yet! try again


  2. I use this clay on my face and want to try it on my hair. I hope it doesn't change my texture.