Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Must For Natural Hair

Although I have only been wearing my hair out naturally for a little over three months, there are a few things that I feel are very important when wearing your hair natural. These are just a few things that were on my mind. I know there are many many things that naturals have to keep in mind with their hair.

1. Self Confidence is a must. You have to know you are beautiful no matter what. And you have to have confidence to wear your hair naturally in a world that says straight is better. When you shine that confidence and other people see you they have no choice but to say "man she bad"!

2. Patience is another must. Your hair will grow and will grow at it's own pace. It takes time to find the products that will agree with your hair. There will be plenty of hit and misses. And it will take time to find the right styles that look good on you, and the ones your hair will agree too. What works for her may not work for you.

3. Denman is my absolute must, modified of course. This brush is wonderful and does wonders for my hair.

4. Anita Grant Shampoo Bar, is my absolute favorite way to wash my hair. It is gentle enough for me to use two or three times a week. On top of that it leaves my curls so pretty.

5. BoBeam Hair Tea turned into a hair spritz. This has become a wonderful way to lock in moisture when oil is added to it. Love it.

6. Shea Butter, however you choose to use it. I mix it with oil sometimes and recently tried a recipe with Avocado Butter that works well to define curls and great for styling.

As you can see I am still building my regimen. I am lacking a good Deep Conditioner, but I have played around with a few things. I am still switching between two gels to determine which I like best. Some days the ECO Styler Gel seems to do the trick and some days not. And I currently do not have anything great for my scalp. I am also still playing around with a few things for that as well. But all in time I will have the right products to help my hair continue to grow and stay healthy.


  1. i love this list! and confidence is a must. having natural hair is sometimes easy. but mostly hard

  2. so you're lovin' the Denman huh?? And Imma have to hop on that Anita Grant! i've been hearing raves about it!!!!

  3. @BreukelensFinest, you are so right, it is mostly hard and can get frustrating at times. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Wow, the first two are great! If more people realized this, we'd have less frustrated naturals!