Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rhassoul Clay v. Bentonite Clay

I recently did a Bentonite clay mask on my hair a few weeks ago and was not very impressed with the results. Well I had some rhassoul clay that I purchased from Etsy about a month ago. I decided to give it a try and see what the results would be.
My first dilemma was finding a recipe for how to mix the clay. I looked long and hard and only found two. And they were not very instructive at all. So whatever I figured how hard can it be and mixed up my own concoction.
I only had an ounce of the clay, so I already knew that it wouldn't take me too far.
I had just made a hair tea spritz from hibiscus, marshmallow root, and nettle so I warmed some up to use in the mix.
Next I added Honey and I had some Kelp powder so I threw that in too.
Once all of that was mixed I basically had chocolate water.
Sooooo I added some Organix Coconut Milk conditioner and it thickened it right up, just nicely.
I mixed all of this in a small cup and by the time I added everything I had a cup full of the mixture and it was enough for my whole head.
Clay On

Clay Off

Final Review
I loved it. If I had to pick between the Bentonite and the Rhassoul, the Rhassoul wins hands down. My hair was left so much softer and manageable. My hair just felt good all the way to my scalp. The process was quick and easy, no mess. When I rinsed it out it rinsed with ease. And the final results on my hair was very nice. My curls were thankful to me for this treatment. I plan to add this to my routine as a deep conditioner. Ladies don't take my word for it, try it for yourself!


  1. Can we get a video tutorial?? LOL

  2. did you use the same recipe with the bentonite clay as the rhassoul clay?

  3. I kinda seems like you gave the rhassoul clay and unfair advantage. You just used plain bentonite clay and you added all kinds of moisturizers and other products to the rhassoul so you actually don't know how it would have been without the extra ingredients.

  4. @Aisak. I do agree with you, and the only reason the Rhassoul had more added to it is because I didn't have a clue what to mix it with. However with the Bentonite I used the same ingredients that BlackOnyx77 used from youtube and I just did not like it for my hair. And compared to the two of those, I prefer Henna! Which one do you prefer?