Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hair Update

Hello Natural Ladies! I have been MIA for awhile now, but with good reason, or at least I think so, lol. With school, family and the holidays, things have been a little crazy in the Thomas household. However, I do have some thing to share.
A few weeks ago, about 4 to be exact, I put in a protective style. The purpose was to have something in my hair to keep me out of it and not having to deal with it. So I chose Kinky Twist. I chose this style because I knew it would not take me forever to put in and I knew I would be ready to take them out by week 4 or 5. As you can see from the pics I did add hair and I made them big. The reason was again, I didn't want to be stuck for days putting them in and I wanted it to look more natural. The area that has needed a retouch was the back because my hair is much softer there and the twist did slip after the first week. But once I put them in again I have had no problems.
With the twist in I have oiled my scalp at least twice a week. I make sure to wrap at night in a satin scarf. And I have co-washed once with Organix conditioner.
I will admit, I miss my hair and Will be taking the twist out by the end of this week.


  1. I love your kinky twist! I wish I knew how to do them.

  2. I love that ! THEY look REALLY NICE. Btw, I'm hosting a great giveaway over @AuNaturale. Featured is the fabulous jewerly from "Younikness"..take a look. Take care


  3. Love your kinky twist. They look really natural. I have always wanted to try them but never got around to doing it.