Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Hair Goals

6 Month Goal
Achieve healthy Shoulder Length hair

12 Month Goal
Achieve healthy Arm Pit length hair

Long Term Goal
Healthy Waist Length or Hip Length
I'm undecided on which one I want simply because I am so used to having short hair and the idea of letting my hair grow that long freaks me out, lol.

Document and Chart Growth
Every 2 months or before a long term protective style do a length check
Write down products that I really liked and the ones that I didn’t like
Write down styles that came out good and the ones that did not
Pictures, Pictures and more Pics!

Write down exactly what I used when making at home products to avoid just winging it when I remake the product.

Make a regimen and stick to it, stop being all over the place

Pick and decide what products I will use along with treatments and recipes and use those for at least 3 months before switching out or trying something new.

Make a hair schedule and stick to it!!

Get creative and use long term protective styles (6-8 weeks), to give me a break from styling my hair and allowing it to have a break from products and manipulation.

Satin, Satin, Satin!! A big must.

These goals probably seem simple, but for me I think it will be a challenge. I am all over the place with what I put on my hair right now. When I make things at home I don't write down what I use or go specifically by the recipe, so when it is time to make again I am just throwing it together. Not Good! This year I really want to get into healthy hair habits and sticking to things that will really allow my hair to thrive. My next post will be about the hair regimen I want to use to achieve these goals for the year, stay tuned................

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  1. Sounding good! great start! cant wait to hear more:)) take care.