Monday, January 10, 2011

Hair Length

When I first went natural I had no particular goal in mind as far as length. I just knew I was not going back to a relaxer and I was tired of transitioning. Well now that I am about seven months into being completely natural I have decided to set some hair growth goals.

The first thing I did was do a search for a hair length chart so that I could see the lengths and terms used for the lengths. This is what I found. The first chart is from Beautiful Kinks and the second from Hair Milk.

I hope that these charts will be of some help to you also!


  1. Coool! its great that you found something to give you encouragement in retaining your hair length goal:) take care.


  2. i'm going for bra strap lenght!!! i hope i can do it lol thnx for sharing tht chart