Monday, January 17, 2011

Henna Results

Just as last time, I love using Henna. My hair loved it and appreciated the TLC. I slept in the gloss over night. In my opinion the color results were the same as before when I did a full Henna using no conditioner.

After washing the Henna out I did an Oil Rinse with Neem Oil and EVOO. I decided to do this step because I needed extra moisture and I planned to blow dry my hair after the Henna Gloss. Once I was out the shower my hair and scalp just felt great.

I blow dried and my hair was still soft and moisturized. The reason for blow drying was to do a quick length check before putting in a long term protective style. The style I will be doing is Yarn braids.

After Henna and Oil Rinse

Blown Out

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