Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yarn Braids to Curls!

So ladies I took my yarn braids out this past weekend. I honestly could have left them in a little bit longer but I missed my hair. While wearing the braids I only cleansed once out of the 7 weeks. I did a ACV rinse and scrubbed my scalp with a soft toothbrush. The only products I used was Vatika oil on my scalp and BB Growth Lotion to help keep my hair moisturized. I did not have any build up in my hair when I took my braids out. So the ACV rinse is a keeper when wearing braids.

After taking out the braids I did a ACV rinse and co washed with Organix conditioner. My hair felt clean and soft. From there I did a deep conditioner using an Ayurvedic method from The Moptop Maven. That method and information will be in the next post along with pictures.

I am very happy with the growth from keeping the yarn braids in and I will be putting them in again.

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