Friday, April 1, 2011

Oil Rinsing

Oil rinsing is a method that most naturals probably feel is sent from Heaven! The way your hair feels after is awesome and not to mention no tangles or dryness. This method will also get rid of knots and relieve dry scalp. So how do you do an oil rinse? Well its really very simple.

Step 1 Shampoo or rinse with water
Step 2 Coat hair with oil of your choice. (I have used Neem, Vatika, EVOO, and Jojoba)
Step 3 Rinse and make sure to use warm water
Step 4 Apply conditioner and rinse but this time use cool water
Step 5 continue with normal routine

See, very easy and the benefits can be great when done on a regular basis. Be careful not to use too much oil because then you will end up with build up. Trust me, I used to much and had to re wash and start all over!

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  1. I agree! ...I love oil rinsing, its great, with tons of benefits for our hair. Thanks a bunch for sharing:)

    Take care,

    zainab1 (formerly of AuNaturale)