Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goodbye Short Hair, Hello Grow Out

I recently made the decision to start letting my hair grow out. I can still enjoy the benefits of having the short cut through the summer and still let it grow out. The goal is to be able to have it long enough to put in braids by the time Winter gets here. From there I would like to continue to wear protective styles while it grows out. I love having the short hair, but for me that season has come to an end. I want to grow it out. The thing I loved most about the cut was that I was able to experience what most experience when they BC. I originally transitioned so I missed out on the BC feeling. And now I get to watch my curls grow out from the cut! I am excited and looking forward to kicking off my growing process. To jump start it I will be doing a Henna treatment, and you know I love me some Henna!

1 comment:

  1. I loved my short cut and the freedom it gave with regards to the low maintenance - also I think a short cut can look super chic and stylish. When I started growing it out, is when I started getting quite adventurous with my hairstyle though although at times the growing out was pretty annoying but looking back I had quite a bit of fun with it... Good luck with growing your hair!!!