Friday, September 9, 2011

When Natural Goes Beyond Hair Care

Hello Ladies! I have realized that going natural and using natural hair products can go much further than your hair. I feel that when you make the decision to go natural you find yourself wanting to make everything else natural. Everything from hair to what you eat.

For me it started with going natural and then using natural hair products. With researching and trying new things on my hair, I found natural ways to take care of my skin. For example using black soap which combats my eczema and keeps my face acne free. I also use butters like mango butter and aloe butter on my skin. I have recently started using a natural toothpaste, JASON Sea Fresh, which I was surprised that it wasn't completely awful. My teeth feel just as clean and my breath is just as fresh without the unnecessary junk the other stuff has.

After that came wanting to improve what I eat and begin taking more vitamins to help keep me healthy. Eating more healthy has proven to be a little more challenging because in the beginning I was doing it solely for me, but once my husband and children got on board it became easy. Eating more healthy is a family effort. We eat more fruits, more veggies and a lot less junk and sweets. The major change in my diet is not eating meat. I have never been a big meat eater anyway, but it has still been a little bit challenging. My husband has even agreed to cut back on the meat, so most nights I can make an all vegetarian meal and have no issues!! My little ones are excited about all the different meals and snacks that I make for them, and sweets or treats are now something special, not the norm.

I am proud of the ways that my family and I have been taking better care of ourselves. I am hoping to continue the vegetarian diet and maybe get the children completely on board. My husband on the other hand........well meat is just one thing I can't take away completely, LOL!

What are some of the ways you have gone natural beyond your hair? Maybe you were already natural in other areas and decided go natural with your hair, or maybe it all started with your hair. I would love to hear your ways of being natural :-)


  1. Great post!...I with you... it all started with my hair, then it went onto my health ( running,or walking daily)...then eating. I am very serious when it comes to what my family and I eat. Looots of veggies and fruit, we do eat meat but just certain meats. We eat lots of chicken & fish.

    I must admit I have been known to looove sodas, cakes and anything sweet. but no more i will be quick to grab water , a banana , grapes anything of that nature before a soda, cake, etc. You can't even find sodas in my home anymore (lol) thats huge for me.

    And I must say I feel great after this change and sticking with it..I'm just as excited about this change as I am about being natural and healthy hair care :)

    Thanks for posting, great topic. Take care

    AuNaturale007.blogspot. comn

  2. I've recently started exercising and trying to eat better but I honestly can't say that it's because of my hair.

    I've been natural 6 years now but everything else was out of wack. I just decided in the past few months to get serious about my body as a whole, not just my hair.

  3. Thank you for commenting!
    @zainab1, like you, my down fall is my sweet tooth. It has been a challenge to reach for a fruit instead of something sweet. But I will indulge once a week on something sweet as a treat to myself. I find that if it's not in the house I will not eat it, and I stopped letting the kids eat sweets also. I agree with you, the feeling of just being healthy all around is a great feeling.

  4. Thanks for commenting!
    @NHBG, I have always been active in the exercising, but I admit it comes in spells. But recently I have made the choice to just be healthy and make healthier lifestyle changes. Six years of being natural is wonderful. That is an inspiration!