Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big Box Braids

I'm still here and still protecting. This post is about two weeks late but I still wanted to share with you. I put in larger than my usual box braids about two and a half weeks ago. It took about 7 hours to put them in and I used Kanekalon hair purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply. The reason I used this hair is because it shipped quick. I like Softex better but this wasn't that bad.

So compared to my normal size braids, I'm not really a big fan of these big ones. The only perk was that it didn't take me as long to put them in. I probably will only keep them in for the same amount of time, 4 weeks. I haven't washed since having them I'm and I've been following my regular routine when having braids in.I will say that my edges still look good for it to be almost 3 weeks, so I may even be able to get 5 weeks out of these. I start to miss my hair by week 4 so we will see.

Like I said nothing fancy or special. It's getting the job done by keeping my hair protected. Which is the ultimate goal!!

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