My Hair Story

This is the story of me and my journey from Relaxed to now Natural. I was Relaxed most of my life starting from a young age, maybe around 8 or so. I had attempted to go Natural one other time in 2006 and it lasted for 2 years. If I knew then what I knew now I would have never went back to Relaxed. During that period I wore braids a lot and when I finally was ready to wear my hair out, I didn't know what to do with it. So I went back to what I knew best, Relaxed.
March 2008, Relaxed and Happy, or so I thought

Summer 2009 I got tired of my hair all together. I was pregnant and my hair was doing it's own things and I was ready for a change. Thus began the Journey of Transition! This was the hardest part for me but the most fun. I was able to do different things, from wigs to quick weaves and braids.

July 2010, I was ready to wear my hair. My Family had just moved to Japan and the heat, and humidity was horrible. When I made this decision to go Natural again I made it for the long haul. This was not just a appearance decision, this decision was also spiritual. I felt that there was just to much emphasis on my hair and how I wore it and it was just turning into an obsession. 
So the first week in July I cut off that last of my relaxer and never looked back!